Every school deserves a Seed Library.

My name is Alicia Serratos and I am nine years old. I am in fourth grade and I help a lot at my school’s garden. I am a Girl Scout Junior and working on my Bronze Award.

I am going to be starting a Seed Library at my school. A Seed Library is a place for teachers, students and families to check out seeds to plant and grow. After the plants grow, you harvest some of the crops and let some “go to seed”. Then, you harvest the seeds and return them to the Seed Library for other people to check out. It will give the  community access to free seeds and allowed families to grow their own food.

As my Girl Scout Bronze Award project, I would like to put together a Seed Library at my school and maybe some other schools too. I can’t do it alone. I am asking for assistance in gathering the materials needed to put these kits together. You can click on the “how you can help” tab to see how you can help.

A big thank you to everyone who continues to support me in reaching my goals.

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