Seed Library at Las Palmas

 I installed my second Seed Library as a part of my Girl Scout Bronze Award.        12036583_509499999227547_508476526693424518_n

 On Wednesday, I went with my mom to Las Palmas Elementary School in San Clemente to meet Sra. Paz Soldan. She walked us to the school library and showed us where we could set up the Seed Library. We found the perfect spot. I helped my mom put together the shelf. She broke one of the pegs and it was a little bit funny, we both laughed. She had extra so it still worked. And, she forgot a hammer so she had to use the back of the drill to tap in the pegs. Then, I put the seeds in the jars and set them up. We labeled the spots on the shelf and put everything in place. My mom hung the backdrop and we were done!

10.21.2015 008

Sr. Paz Soldan invited me back on Friday to their school’s Harvest Festival to give a presentation on the Seed Library. We went Friday right after school. At first I was a little nervous, but then it was so much fun. I got to tell kids all about the Seed Library and how it works. I took a dried sunflower, fresh fennel, dried fennel with seeds and a lettuce stalk that had seeds on it. I used them to show students what it looks like once a crop has gone to seed. I handed out seed packs to everyone who came too. I really liked seeing other Girl Scout Juniors there. I think they really liked my project. I still want to put more tin other schools. I can’t wait to do the next one!

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