3 down 100 to go

Five years ago I saw Vandana Shiva speak on the importance of seeds. I also met David King, who runs the Seed Library of Los Angeles. He told me about Seed Libraries and I was really excited by the idea. So, for my Girl Scout Bronze Award, I decided I wanted to start a Seed Library at my school. Since then, I have installed two more and have come up with idea to hopefully make it easy to get them into even more schools.

The 3 Sisters Seed Box is a Seed Library in a box. It contains everything needed to set up a Seed Library and gets shipped to your door. My goal is to put together 100 Seed Boxes and get one in at least every of the 50 US states.

Here’s looking back at the Seed Libraries already installed:

Our introductory Seed Library at Viejo Elementary School 2014


Seed Library #2 at Las Palmas Elementary School 2015


The most recent Seed Library at Carl Hankey K-8 Academy 2019


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