All schools deserve a Seed Library.

My name is Alicia Serratos and I am thirteen years old. I started learning about eating healthy, gardening and sustainability when I was 6 years old. Since then, I have worked on several projects to help promote sustainability and make the world a better place.


One thing I became interested in was seeds. After researching and meeting some amazing people, I learned about Seed Libraries and instantly became excited about the concept. A Seed Library is just like a regular library, but instead of checking out books, you’re checking out seeds. It’s a place for teachers, students families and communities to check out a variety of seeds to plant and grow on campus or at home. The seeds are completely free.  Once the plants grow, some are harvested and some are left to “go to seed.” Then, you harvest the seeds and return them to the Seed Library.

In 2014, I started a Seed Library at Viejo Elementary School as a part of my Girl Scout Bronze Award. In the years following, I also installed two more Seed Libraries, one at Las Palmas Elementary School and one at Carl Hankey Elementary School. Now, as a Girl Scout Cadette, I am working on my Girl Scout Silver Award.


For my Girl Scout Silver Award, I am creating The 3 Sisters Seed Box. It’s basically a Seed Library in a box. The Three Sisters Seed Box will include a everything you’ll need to start a Seed Library. It will come with an informational binder containing all the instructions you need to get started, envelopes to check out and return seeds, pens for labeling, wooden label sticks to label your newly planted seeds, and 20 packs of organic seeds. Three of those twenty packs will be corn, squash and beans, the three seeds you need to plant a 3 Sisters Garden.

My goal is to donate 100 Seed Boxes, with at least one in every state in the US. You can help by donating here: http://bit.ly/seedboxdonate



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